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Welcome to the Wyoming Prosperity Project!

The Wyoming Prosperity Project is a partnership between BIPAC and the Wyoming Chamber Partnership.

The Wyoming Prosperity Project is designed to aid the communication between employers and their employees about candidates, issues and elections in a non-partisan, pro-business way.

Citizen participation and voting is a great power entrusted to the people. It is the cornerstone of American Government. The power to vote enables you to elect representatives who serve the public...Your vote shapes your future.

This site is designed to give you the information and tools you need to take part in both the election and legislative processes. Select the links to the left to access helpful information.

By voting, you can help put a candidate in office, and in the same way, the voting public can remove an official from office. It is easy to register and vote, yet few people take the time to do either. Today, only half of America's voting age population votes, though government affects us every day.

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